Trust Us With Your Personal Security Needs – Security Personnel
for Travel and Events.

When you think about needing security for yourself or a special event, what type of person
comes to mind as trustworthy and knowledgeable? Chances are that you are thinking of
professionals with a law enforcement background. Who else would know the minds of criminals
and anticipate vulnerabilities than a team with first-hand experience?
Our personal drivers and event security team have decades of combined law enforcement
experience. You can trust us to offer protection and professionalism at the highest level.

Event Security
No matter the size of the event, we are here for your security needs. Let us worry about the
safety and security – so you can enjoy the event!
Common events requiring security guard services:
● Concerts & Festivals
● Weddings & Celebrations
● School Ceremonies & Events – graduations, sports events
● Fundraiser & Charity Events
Private Security
Maybe your security need is more private or personal – we can do that too! Our security team is
skilled in individual and high-profile protection – with unmatched professionalism at every turn.
Common private security needs:
● Security detail for celebrities, VIPs, & political figures
● Private Property Security
● Construction Site Security

● School Security

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