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Dominion Security Services is a high end security and surveillance company born from a passion and duty to protect and serve.

In additional to commercial security, Dominion Security is proud to offer services for companies, celebrities, and political figures to ensure safety for private events, driving services and private security.

The days of blurry surveillance camera footage are long gone. Our video surveillance technology is able to capture high-resolution images and details from any distance and in any lighting.

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Dominion Security is a high end security and surveillance company born from a passion and duty to protect and serve. We recognize threats so that you don’t have to.

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Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras detect infrared radiation from wavelength 8μm to 14μm, and convert it into a thermos graphic images using differences in heat, making it visible regardless of lighting conditions.... Read More

HD IP Camera Systems

IP cameras are network devices that create digital HD video directly on the camera. Then the video is streamed back to a Network Video Recorder (NVR), web browser, or smartphone. A high-resolution,... Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of security cameras does Dominion offer?

Dominion Security offers a wide selection of security cameras depending on your security needs. From analog security camera to HD security camera, we have a large selection of technology that will suit your needs. To get the best recommendation for your company, contact us for your free security assessment.

Q. How many cameras do I need to install for my business?

From small businesses to large commercial spaces, it is important to know where your risks are. Dominion Security will evaluate the property and determine your highest risk areas in order to give an accurate estimate of your security assessment.

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