Security and Surveillance – Built In from the Beginning.

Contractors & Builders – Partner with us to provide high end
security and surveillance to your clients throughout construction
and renovation.

How can a partnership with Dominion Security Services benefit you?

We offer financial incentives to contractors and builders for maintaining a strong working relationship with us – it’s mutually beneficial!

Partnering with us can give you a competitive advantage with fully integrated security and surveillance planning from the building. Your clients will appreciate your forethought into their future needs to protect their assets.

Avoid the hassle of having to reconfigure and make changes at the end of construction or renovation when customers want to add in surveillance cameras.

Get it right from the very beginning.

Financial Partnership

How would the partnership work?

Bring Dominion in to consult on any new construction or
renovation projects. We will give our recommendations for planning and integration with construction phases. If your client decides to move forward with security integration into the project, we will work in coordination with you to execute the installation.

Let’s help each other and keep our clients safe and secure.

Why Build in Security & Surveillance from the Beginning?

Security should not be an after-thought in the late stages of construction or renovation. The conversation should start early, so appropriate planning can be done. Almost all surveillance cameras require some wiring or cables. Planning ahead can eliminate the need to go back and rewire or run cables into already finished wall and ceiling surfaces. Electrical needs can be communicated to the electrician prior to any work being done – avoiding additional costs for your clients.

Installing surveillance during construction also offers the capability to monitor construction and renovations sites during the final phases of completion. Construction sites can be targets for burglary, vandalism, and theft since they are usually unattended after working hours.

Having security measures in place can deter criminal activity and provide footage for review in the event that a security event occurs.

Interested in working with us to help your clients plan for protection?

Contact us today!

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